Asbestos Project Management

Lilquest Asbestos Management can also provide independent and specialised Asbestos Project Management through our partnership company Bright Asbestos Solutions.

Bright Asbestos Solutions have extensive experience of the Asbestos industry in a variety of environments including retail, industrial, estates management and pre demolition. Our portfolio of Asbestos management professionals, analytical and survey consultants and Asbestos removal contractors which we can recommend or sub-contract the services to deliver a tailor-made package to suit each individual clients needs and requirements.

Our business model is unique in the Asbestos Industry as we offer a service which is based on independently representing the interest of the client has our key objective. We are measured by the value we bring to the client in terms of safety, programme and cost.

The scope of service we provide validates and challenges, HSE legislative compliance, performance and service level of all responsible parties in relation to Asbestos management including the duty holder, employer, principle contractor, CDM co-ordinator, Asbestos surveyor, Asbestos removal contractor and analyst.

It has been recognised by both a major high street retailer and their associated external organisations including principal contractors, project management consultants, CDM co-ordinators and quantity surveyors that the role and appointment of an independent and experienced Asbestos management consultant was a key factor in the successful delivery of various Nationwide Asbestos projects in 2008.

There were several initiatives developed, processes, guidance and actions implemented by the Bright Asbestos Solutions to raise the knowledge, awareness and standards of all parties involved in the asbestos project as a part of an overall construction project.

It was estimated by our clients procurement consultant that appointing an experienced Asbestos manager to work in conjunction with cost management and procurement as a team, saved them approximately £2,000,000 through various initiatives, negotiations, tendering, cost analysis, performance management, mitigating discovery and delivering programme and cost certainty.

As you may have experienced there are many challenges during Asbestos projects in terms of health and safety compliance, programme certainty and cost value. These can be due to internal issues with a lack of knowledge and experience of Asbestos management or poor performance of appointed contractors and consultants.

In 2009 we were appointed by both several large constructions companies to act as their Asbestos Consultant at other nationwide high street refurbishment projects.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Provide independent and leading edge advice and management processes to ensure that an asbestos project management plan and asbestos removal projects strategy is in compliance with HSE legislation and best industry practice.

  • Provide independent and leading edge recommendation and management processes on the procurement, pre-qualification, and tendering of Asbestos Removal Contractor, Asbestos survey consultants and Analyst to ensure that the services are compliant to industry standards and provides value in terms of integrity, safety and cost.

  • Provide independent and leading edge advice and management processes to monitor projects and performance trackers.

  • Risk management, auditing and monitoring of on-site asbestos works to ensure that they are managed and planned effectively and efficiently in terms of safety, programme, and cost.

Our Scope of Service

  • Ensure that there is an adequate asbestos related resource available for all projects.

  • Ensure that the asbestos related resource workload is appropriately allocated amongst the client approved or BAS recommended consultants and contractors.

  • Monitor on a daily, weekly basis the performance of the asbestos removal companies and complete a performance tracker.

  • Establish key performance indicators and measure consultants and contractors.

  • Programme and risk management.

  • Delegate and manage actions from the client.

  • Ensure that a comprehensive asbestos scope of works and asbestos removal programme and phasing is developed in accordance with the clients specific Asbestos Specification.

  • To review and confirm all documentation, planning and strategy is adequate on behalf of the client.

  • Provide 24/7 advice and consultation service.

  • Provision of Asbestos Awareness training and Asbestos Site Health and Safety audits.

  • Implement appropriate processes and procedures to ensure that the above are achieved and signed off in a timely manner to the clients programme and commencement on site.

  • Reporting on progress information and key issues to the client.

  • Managing the communication process to include: Reporting on site meetings, site audits and inspections, risk management and escalation procedures.