Asbestos Register

The findings of the Asbestos Surveys need to be collected to develop an Asbestos Register – the foundation for implementing an Action Plan. The purpose of the plan is to provide a system to manage any known or presumed asbestos, so that any potential danger is controlled, and any risks are kept to a minimum.

The Action Plan will comprise:

  • Asbestos Register

  • Risk Assessments for individual Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) present in the building

  • CAD plans of each property

  • Management regime, to ensure that the condition of each ACM is maintained in a safe condition and regularly reviewed / monitored

  • Current usage, and potential changes – In role of a property, or following any asbestos removal works

Lilquest Asbestos Management have a consultancy team dedicated to producing cost effective plans relating directly to your needs. Each are developed in close consultation, so the detailed procedures developed are practical, and also ensure asbestos is managed in accordance with current regulations.

The Action Plan will be tailored to dovetail with existing Health & Safety documentation or policies. Distribution of the procedures will follow in-house procedures or a permit-to-work system that may be already employed.

Our expertise in working with asbestos will save you time, provide peace of mind, and ensure the most cost effective solutions are found to meet the current regulations. Further information and advice is available from Bradley Jarvis on 077806 65221.